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December 2023 Patreon Sketches

Thursday, March 21st, 2024

And two sets of bonus cards, some trees and some more space, because I needed more extras for patron goodie packets.

I didn’t like the layout of horizontal to vertical cards in the photo so I solved it by drawing 3 bonus cards. I dunno, man, it made sense at the time.

From top left:

  • Eric asked for bubble tea with plum jellies and got a cheerful boba cup. (sold)
  • Carrots! bonus carrots.
  • Rey asked for Decemberween! and well, yeah. This was inevitable. (sold)
  • Kelly asked for “bridge to the stars or bridge of dreams” and got something a little more eldritch than possibly expected. But it’s sparkly! (sold)
  • Bonus potato! Or half of one, anyway. Look, I made curry this week, veg are on my mind.
  • Amy B wanted a hedgehog and I have delivered. (sold)
  • Jefferson wanted hot soup, and gets brains. He knows why. (sold)
  • Rebecca S asked for a castle and gets this vaguely ominous fortress.
  • Rhonda prompted “bee/hive” and so I did two different bee cards, because reasons. There is a whole fat fuzzy bee on the black card, but phone photos can only do so much.

And below, the bonus Space and Tree cards!

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