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Art Prints are Heeeere!

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

fine art prints by Amy Crook at Etsy

fine art prints by Amy Crook at Etsy

If you’ve been wanting my art, but haven’t got the budget for an original, I have good news!

After much trial and deliberation (and surgery/recovery), nine art prints are here to launch the new line! Five of them are on spiffing metallic pearl paper, and the other four are on a beautiful bright white archival stock. They’re all 8″x10″ (a standard frame size for easy display), and you can get yours for $49 plus shipping.

If these do well, I’ll bring in more designs and even other sizes! So don’t delay, get your gorgeous new art print today.

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Your Artist Needs a Nap

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Belladonna cuddling her tail, aww.

Yeah, kitty, I know how you feel.

I’ve been having some health issues for a while, but in the last 6 months or so it’s really affected my ability to keep myself going. I’m having surgery next month that should help, so please bear with the erratic posting and cat photos until recovery and, hopefully, something resembling wellness happens.

You Can Help!

My Support Your Artist page has ALL the links, but right now Patreon and Etsy are the most helpful. Even Tweeting out a link to your favorite birthday card or public Patreon post could help keep the internets on and the cats fed.

And in the end, isn’t it the ability to upload cat photos that matters most?

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State of the Kitties: 2017

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Belladonna in a Master-level catnap yoga pose

Belladonna in a Master-level catnap yoga pose

As we move out of the trash year that was 2016, I know there is one important question on everyone’s minds: how are the cats of the world?

Belladonna is going to be 15 (!!) this spring, and while she’s thin and arthritic and grumpy, she’s still pretty spry and loves her heated cat bed. I need to take her in for an old lady vet checkup pretty soon, and we’ve installed cat stairs around to avoid too much leaping, but all in all she does pretty well. Also, since she’s so old, she is constantly spoiled rotten by both myself and roomie — she gets lots of extra treats and has graduated to yelling at us until someone turns on the faucet for her majesty to drink fresh water.

Her other current fave is her catnip dental treats, which you can help provide by supporting her human slave.



Pteropodidae (aka Pod), on the other hand, is hitting kitty middle age and getting the spread. He turned 8 this past autumn, and is getting quite the bodacious kitty bod going. I’m making a bit of an effort to give him more murder baby enrichment time with The Great Red Dot and the fuzzy snake, but overall I admit I kind of like his softer, lazier side. Even if he does sometimes make me go ‘oof’ when stepping on my tummy.

Podling definitely has the whole “cats are liquid and control their own gravity” thing going, especially when he doesn’t want to be picked up.

Podzilla would like you to buy something from the Etsy Shop so he can get a new cat tree from which to survey his domain.

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Best of 2016: Artist’s Choice

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Artist's Choice: Best of 2016 from Amy Crook

2016 has been a terrible year for so many reasons, but as I went through my backlist I found that I still like a lot of the art I made, despite everything else that was going on.

I’ve chosen all art that’s unsold this time around, a baker’s dozen with one from each month and an overall favorite that I can’t really explain my devotion to, but really, really love.


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Endgame Mini-Show

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Mini-Show of art by Amy Crook at EndGame in Oakland, CA

Mini-Show of art by Amy Crook at EndGame in Oakland, CA

A half-dozen of my recent works are on display in the upstairs gaming area at EndGame in Oakland. If you’ve wondered what paintings like Inlets or Garnet Fox look like in person, now’s your chance to see them in person!

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Hanging Small Art

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

6 paintings by Amy Crook

6 paintings arranged in a complementary grouping

If you’re ever looking at small pieces of original art, or small art prints, and wondering what one does with such a tiny thing when one has a giant wall to fill, here’s one suggestion! Get a bunch of similar-but-not-exactly-the-same frames. Get a bunch of art that complements each other or contrasts interestingly. Finally, mess around with the arrangement on the floor before you hang it.

You can put a lot of one person’s work in a single space that way, or a little bit of a lot of artists. You can keep to a color scheme or go with whatever you love. You can have simple black or white frames, or beautiful ornate gold ones like a Victorian parlor. Go with whatever you love, but don’t let small beauties go unloved because they don’t fill the spot above your mantel!

And in case you were wondering about the accidental inspiration for last month’s lovely palette of greys and peaches and warm earthy tones, it was another small beauty: Belladonna.

Inspirational Belladonna

Inspirational Belladonna

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Oakland Cattown Cafe

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

A friend from out of town (hi, Holly!) is visiting Oakland for a few weeks, which gave us the perfect excuse to visit somewhere I’ve been dying to go — the cat cafe! Oakland Cattown Cafe is associated with a shelter, so the money you pay to visit the cats is actually a tax-deductible donation to the shelter. Holly made our reservations online, so they were $10 each (it’s $5 if you drop in and they have space). There are a limited number of humans allowed to bug the cats each hour, so reserving ahead was totally worth it.

Also, this is mostly a photo review, so, enjoy the cats.

Cat Macarons at Oakland Cattown Cafe

The first thing that greeted us was cat macarons!

We both tried the Earl Grey and Ginger Yuzu and they were both good, but Earl Grey won for me. Thanks to US health codes, they can’t serve you while you’re in with the cats, but you can take in food, as long as you don’t share with the cats, and your drinks have a lid. We both got tea & macarons, reviewed the rules, sanitized our hands, and headed in.

Sleeping kitten at Oakland Cattown Cafe

Let sleeping cats lie!

Once we got inside, most of the kitties were settling down for an afternoon nap, so we found seats (there’s tons of places to sit) and enjoyed our treats. Someone was coming to adopt one of the kitties, so the employees were busy with that instead of greeting us, but they did happily greet everyone else on the way in. We got there right at the hour, so as to spend the whole hour with the kitties, and were alone for the first while (employees aside).

Cosy cat cushions at Oakland Cattown Cafe

Cushions for humans and trays for treats arrayed around the cat hammocks

This guy had just gotten out of a week of medical confinement (hurt ankle), and went around yelling for his ‘brother’ and waking everyone up.

Playing kitties and Oakland Cattown Cafe

Reunited, they immediately begin acting like brothers

After a while the lighter one got tired of his brother’s loud antics, and started tackling him every time. Even kitties know when to say stfu.

Custom cat furniture at Oakland Cattown Cafe

Cat butt o’clock!

There is a whole panorama of really cool Oakland-themed cat furniture in there, including this awesome Tribune building. The other two clocks are different, but obviously this one was my fave.

Kitty quiet room at Oakland Cattown Cafe

The quiet room, after the orange one woke everyone up

There’s also a “quiet room” where only 2 humans at a time get to go bug the cats in their cozy cubbies. The orange one was in there yelling, so we petted a few heads before everyone settled back in to resume their naps. Some of the cats snuggled up 3 to a cubby, and some were really not interested in any other company but their own.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate at Bittersweet Chocolate Cafe


Overall, it was a really great hour. We didn’t play with the cats ourselves a lot, but some other people came in and broke out the toys, and enough cats were awake from the caterwauling to be entertaining. There’s huge windows to let in the sunlight, and the room is spacious, clean, and full of cats. I definitely recommend a visit to Oakland Cattown Cafe if you get the chance!

As a bonus, we walked back toward BART and ran across this awesome place, a hot chocolate cafe. The not-too-sweet treats we got there were the perfect follow-up to lunch!

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