30 Day Marker Challenge, part 1

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

The amazing Sadynax gave herself a 30-day Marker Challenge last month, and I decided to do it for April to help get back in the swing of art after my surgery. Each day had its own weird quirks, and I think I already know which one I’m gonna redo for day 30, haha.

I’m giving my wonderful Patreon supporters some bonuses at the $5+ sketch levels this month, so it’s a good time to become a patron!

cat sketch by Amy Crook

Day 1: Use only one color.

naked hanging man orchid sketch by Amy Crook

Day 2: Choose 3 colors blindly.

bookshelf with cat and skull bookmark by Amy Crook

Day 3: Use only gray tones (Copics C, N, W)

spices sketch by Amy Crook

Day 4: Use complementary colors

rainbow carrots sketch by Amy Crook

Day 5: Use only the markers’ wide tip end.

melting book sketch by Amy Crook for Kim

Day 6: Use only one color family.

pastel guy sketch by Amy Crook

Day 6: Use only markers that end with 3.

grapes sketch by Amy Crook

Day 8: Choose 2 colors blindly.

Pearl by Amy Crook

Day 9: Use only 00, 000, & 0000 markers.

Manatee Mermaid by Amy Crook

Day 10: Color skin without using any E, R, or YR markers.

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