February 2021 Patreon sketches

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

sketch cards of a cat, a crow, a snorlax, and a bat

4 sketch cards by Amy Crook

From the top left:

  • Booskerdu asked for lilac cats, and got this mostly-monochrome blobcat. I even got the child to help paint the sugilite blob that got turned into a cat! I gave it a few tiny enhancements with some amethyst paint for shading, but I don’t feel I cheated too badly on my b&w commitment.
  • Kim asked for Cigfran and got this shy fellow painted in full flight.
  • Eric asked for Snorlax and got this slightly pop-art colored Posca marker meme.
  • Amy B asked for a wintry bat, and got this little dude in his scarf, chillin’ on a snowman’s head. And yeah, I cheated here, too, and added the tiniest bit of orange watercolor, because reasons.
sketch cards of a wolf, a half dragon, and a kobold with a cat on its head

3 sketch cards by Amy Crook

From the top left:

  • Corinne wanted something inspired by a story we both like, and I felt like making an obscure meme joke, so if you don’t get this, don’t worry — you don’t have to. Remember, they’re not temporary dogs, they’re werewolves.
  • Rebecca S asked for Dragon Tony and gets this ridiculous chibi masterpiece.
  • My BFF Jeff asked for “us” so he gets a stolen joke from a Munchkin card, and his icon plus my inner lazy kitty.

I’m not sure how these didn’t get done until April or put on the blog until May, but time has become meaningless in 2021. I’m getting more caught up, however, so expect to see at least two more sketch card posts in the coming weeks!

As always, you can become a patron to request your own sketches and spin the wheel of creativity.

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