March 2021 Patreon sketches

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

8 sketch cards by Amy Crook

From the top left:

  • Rebecca S asked for “tea time” and got this little test of my new paint palette full of interesting mineral colors
  • Andria asked for “looking forward to graduation” and got this little hedgie admiring itself in the mirror in its grad cap
  • Amber asked for “rage quit” and got this little Posca marker experiment on a tiny card-sized art board (sold)
  • Corinne asked for the obscure combination of lolrus meme and Cap & Bucky (aka Bucket), to which I added the Tsum design for, uh, reasons. Cap kindly modeled. (sold)
  • Eric asked for a cat Pokemon and got Mew doing “I fits, I floats” with its tail (sold)
  • Amy B asked for Big Kitten Energy and got this b&w doofus (sold)
  • Jeff asked for “enjoying retirement” and got his Kobold Curry Chef avatar enjoying someone else’s curry for a change (sold)
  • a view of my tiny cool new palette, from which the tea was painted, because why not
  • And finally, Booskerdu asked for Q’s cats and got these two b&w kitties laying down the law: food before tea.

Thank you to all my lovely patrons, who have been so, so patient and supportive through everything. If you’d like to become one of them and get your own requests interpreted, you can support me on Patreon here!

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