January 2024 Patreon Sketches

Monday, March 25th, 2024

And now we are caught up! Though of course we’ll have February’s Patreon sketches done in a few days, and then it’ll truly all be done and dusted, and in April you’ll get some actual full art pieces.

Only a 2-day delay due to illness, whew!

From the top left:

  • Rey asked for “have some fucking grace” (sold)
  • Jefferson asked for some office crows (sold)
  • Purple Space Kitty is just because reasons
  • Amy B wanted some kind of monkey and I painted this little babe (sold)
  • Eric asked for the 15th Doctor and gets chibi ball-playing 15 (sold)
  • SaraBeth asked for “sometimes hope is just spite rebranded” (sold)
  • Nick wanted Mona from Nanalan’

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