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Meet Wendy’s Monster, Ruby

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Wendy's Monster, Ruby, by Amy Crook

Wendy's Monster, Ruby, by Amy Crook

As an offshoot of my Be a Cartoon service, I offered 3 spots to people who wanted me to draw their Monsters — those internal naysayers who do their best to keep us safe through discouragement, disparaging and criticism.

When Wendy Cholbi (tech mermaid!) emailed me about her Monster, she wanted to see one that she’d already met, Ruby, her Inner Bodyguard. Wendy explains:

I first got to know her (well, I’ve known her all my life, but in that shadowy background kind of way) at last summer’s Writer’s Retreat with Jen Louden — Jen had us do an exercise where we interviewed our Inner Critic, and who should pop up but this totally badass lizard-mama, basically telling me to back the fuck off. Once she realized I was honestly curious, she let me in how important her job (personal security for me, of course) is. It’s been really awesome getting to know her, and when Havi’s Monster Coloring Book came out, I knew Ruby deserved her very own page.

Ruby’s a big Butch Biker Bitch whose bruise-purple skin represents Wendy’s tender inner self, which Ruby tries to protect by keeping everything away. She’s like the over-enthusiastic bodyguard that puts the pizza boy in a headlock when he tries to hand you a pen for the credit card receipt — she means well, but she’s left poor Wendy kind of lonely in this exclusive club of which she’s guarding the door, because no one is allowed in. So she has a bit of the ballbuster-with-a-heart-of-molten-gold (only she’d NEVER admit to having a heart of ANY kind. Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?).

I have one Monster left out of the set, I should probably go prod a certain someone to approve her inks so I can get coloring. If you want to be a cartoon yourself, it’s only $79 — I have 3 people in my queue right now, but I’m always happy to make room for more!

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Cartoon! Wendy & Me

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Wendy and Me by Amy Crook

Wendy and Me by Amy Crook

Today’s art is another cartoon, this time of me and Wendy Cholbi, tech mermaid. Wendy wanted to expand her WordPress Installation offerings to include a package with some design included, and so I drew up this image to go with our bios on the sales page. It was fun not only to make Wendy into a mermaid, but to give my hair a bit of extra color (in real life that color would be so hard to maintain!) as well as the bunny ears, and a couple of t-shirts from ThinkGeek that neither of us actually owns — yet.

We’re also doing a free Website Color Clinic call on Wednesday to help people pick their own web palettes. Come join us and listen to me babble nervously about color!

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