Devil and Ghost

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Devil and Ghost, Inception parody art by Amy Crook

Devil and Ghost, 7″x5″ pen & ink and Copic marker on paper

Is this where I just admit I have sold a LOT of these chibi commissions lately? But they’re just so fun, I have no regrets.

color test ghostThese are for Halloween, of course! Arthur and Eames from Inception coming back again as the Devil and a ghost. Arthur is smarming it up in his red velvet suit, straightening his cuffs as he leans nonchalantly in wait. Eames is looking extra spiffy floating along in his vintage windowpane check.

And of course on the right I have the little sketch ghost I drew just to test Eames’ colors before the real thing. Boo!

These are drawn as close to a square aspect ratio as possible, so that they work as emoji on Slack. Their adorable 2-head-high chibi style conveys a lot of personality in a tiny space.

Arthur emoji by Amy Crook Eames emoji by Amy Crook

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