November 2023 Patreon Sketches

Monday, March 18th, 2024

We’re catching up! Since patron sketches get done the month after requests, December’s the last of this batch (though January will be ready before these are all posted, lol).

As requested! 😻 There’s two sets, watercolor & ink/marker, so please enjoy both.

  • Jo asked for “something banishing winter gloom with light”
  • Jeff asked for “time shift” and this winter winds blowing the autumn away is the second try (sold)
  • Rebecca W asked for “giant Lapis tiny Lenin” since it often looks that way in pics
  • Rebecca S asked for honeybees! (sold)
  • This was the first try at “time shift” for Jeff, but somehow the ‘Murica overwhelmed the Doppler reference.
  • Next comes my wee monster Andy and “ew mouthpets!” for SaraBeth (sold)
  • Eric wanted “Loth cat Ezra” and got Ezra as a Loth cat, because why not? (sold)
  • Corinne asked, “Is Mikey CAKE?”
  • And finally, Amy B asked for a Christmas vampire and got this charming, trustworthy fellow (sold)

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