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April 2021 Patreon Sketch Cards

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

Having standardized the sketch size to these pre-cut ATC/ACEO cards makes my life so much easier — they come in vellum for drawing, watercolor paper, and some cool new stuff like Yupo synthetic substrate. It gives me a lot of room for play! Which I did with several of these that weren’t for anyone specific, heh.

6 sketch cards by Amy Crook

From the top left:

  • Do Good Recklessly, a recent tumblr meme
  • Capybaras for Rebecca S
  • A wee Concentric doodle to play with some of my new watercolors
  • Bats and Mushrooms and Sun and idk man, sometimes you just gotta paint mushrooms I guess.
  • Purple dragon for Andria, who wanted to have a golden hoard of their very own, which was pretty easy since they are very wee
  • Amy B asked for a kitten and got a blobcat with a Christmas tree tail, which is a feature of kittens of a certain age that I find delightful. It has brought you a mouse toy like the mighty hunter it is, and is all fluffed up about it.

4 sketch cards by Amy Crook

From the top left:

  • Amber asked for “seasonal (holiday) allergies” and I may have chosen to tease her husband.
  • A is for Amy wants to play with her yupo paper some more.
  • Roxanne asked for Falcon & the Winter Solider and apparently this is what my brain wanted.
  • Rey asked for “conditionally huggable” and of course I had to draw a hedgehog.

I love my Patreon supporters with all my heart — thanks, you guys! You’re the best.

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