September & Drawtober 2022 Patreon sketches

Tuesday, April 11th, 2023

And a lot of other sketch cards, plus a bookmark! Only the first set has any that were for prompts, but several/most are now sold.

September 2022 ACEO sketches by Amy Crook

September 2022 ACEO sketches by Amy Crook

  • Rebecca S prompted “rainbow” and got an experimental birb
  • ink and powdered silver pigment makes a space thing
  • spooky owl ink experiment
  • black cat ink experiment (brother to the owl)
  • Amy B prompted “spooky” and gets a Cerberus kitty (sold)
  • Andria asked for a tree with purple leaves (sold)
  • I never did get the hang of Thursday(s)
  • bookmark with one of my cities of smoking ruins
Drawtober 2022 ACEO sketches by Amy Crook

Drawtober 2022 ACEO sketches by Amy Crook

  • a pair of ink wash kitties
  • two anatomical hearts and two faces hidden in a strange little abstract made of ink and paint
  • corvid!
  • phoenix! (sold)
  • a weird little abstract made of teal ink with sparklies in it, it reminds me of someone floating in the water, or splashing about mid-swim
  • spooky trees and a blood moon
  • a maiden on the shores of the wide sea
  • dragon! (sold)

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