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April 2024 Patreon Sketches

Tuesday, June 4th, 2024

Once again, Patreon supporters get some weird things from me!

a grid of 11 sketches by Amy Crook

I did a lot of sketch cards! And a random bonus bookmark. From top left:

  • Blue dragon that hoards lost keys
  • Dramatic b&w badger for Amy B (sold)
  • Rey & Amber requested “We’re closer!” and got this Grover joke (sold)
  • Purple dragon that hoards game dice (like me!) (sold)
  • “Fuck Cancer” for Jo (sold)
  • Tiny vanilla dragon that hoards sugar cube(s) (sold)
  • Green galaxy bookmark
  • April showers for Eric (sold)
  • Spring cleaning for Jefferson (of the braaaain) (sold)
  • Sad kitty for Kelly (sold)
  • SaraBeth asked for “hope and new possibilities” and I went for a nightblooming flower!

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