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February 2024 Sketch Cards

Thursday, April 11th, 2024

New month, new sketch cards! I’m mostly busy writing the 4th Consulting Magic book this month, but the blog won’t go totally neglected again. There’s at least these, after all.

I want to say I’m feeling messier than usual but let’s be real, these are pretty average. But hey, they’re on time!

  • Amber asked for Sportsball and I did this motley thing (sold)
  • Kelly wanted a dragon and got a tiny one with a tiny hoard (sold)
  • Jeff asked for ghost stories and got gossiping ghosts (sold)
  • Eric asked for and got beets (sold)
  • Amy B wanted cheese and got a bonus cheese-hoarding dragon (sold)
  • SaraBeth wanted something silly and Trotsky volunteered to be blobbed (sold)

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End of 2020 Patreon Sketches, part 1

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

I’ve been very slowly getting caught up with my Patreon sketch tier art since the move, so here’s the first part of the whatever-whenever-time-is-meaningless sketches from Q3-4!

“Autumn Feelings” for Kim, and the crest of Riegan from Fire Emblem for Eric (both sold)

Purple abstract for funsies, and some tentacles for Rebecca (both sold)

“Calvin, STOP!” for Rey, “Halloween & Autumn” for Andria, bookmark for funsies, some kissing princes for Nick, and “I can stop anytime” for Amber (most sold)

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Molten Sky

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Molten Sky by Amy Crook

Molten Sky by Amy Crook

This painting was inspired by Roger Zelazny’s Amber series, in a roundabout way. In it he postulates a continuum of realities from the Pattern of Order at Amber to the Courts of Chaos at the other end, with the realities becoming stranger and more dangerous as they get closer to Chaos. I imagined a world where the sky had cracked open one night, its rough-velvet texture tearing down the middle and letting molten gold spill forth, sparking and changing and becoming like stars as it spread across the sky. I tried to capture that sense of motion, of chaos, with the three metallic colors of droplets (gold, bronze and a scarab red that shimmers and changes to old-bronze-green at certain angles).

This painting goes strangely well with my decor, when I hang it on the one darker golden accent wall the gold paint blends beautifully, while still stands out more on the lighter wheat-gold of the rest of the apartment. I keep wanting to frame it with an old window frame, so that it looks like you’re staring out a window at the glowing fissure in the sky.

Molten Sky, oil on canvas, 24″x24″, $999 with free shipping.

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WIP: Molten Sun

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Molten Sun, WIP detail, by Amy Crook

Molten Sun, work in progress detail, by Amy Crook

After finishing Molten Sky, I hung it up in my apartment to dry, and slowly got an idea for ways to make the single idea into a series. This is the second one, also 24″ square. For a long time it looked like it had a bite out of it and made me crave Oreos, but now I’ve finally got the metallic copper, bronze and gold filled in the “bite.” I’m not quite sure how I’m going to finish it off, but for now it’s drying in the same spot the other one occupied, where I can look up and see it and contemplate.

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