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2021 48-hour Sketch Card Weekend

Thursday, February 24th, 2022

48 hours, 24 sketch cards

It’s all Danielle Corsetto’s fault.

The bright young perky things of comics do an annual 24hr comic, but Danielle is also moving into the Old and Tired phase of life and wanted a little more space, and also to expand the challenge to non-comics people. So, her version was to take the weekend, 48 hours, and do 24 of something — I chose sketch cards! And I actually did it, which was pretty awesome.

A lot of these are catch-up for the previous months on Patreon, from which I owed oh so many cards, but also just doing some for the heck of it.

You can see all the original posts here on Patreon, they’re public and have tired commentary to go with them:

ACEO sketch cards by Amy Crook

First batch, all marker all the time. From top left:

  • Corinne wanted a tiktok memed into Stuckony, lol
  • Amber asked for “backyard kiddie pool” and oops got a kitty pool
  • Rey asked for “Science Says Chill” and got his fancy word art
  • And some lineless, sketchless halloween candy for feeding my own heart!

ACEO sketch cards by Amy Crook

Second batch, playing with Copic markers and ink on Yupo substrate. From the top left:

  • abstract play with liquid ink directly onto paper, no pen required
  • spooky ghost
  • skull with a crown
  • goldfishy!

ACEO sketch cards by Amy Crook

Markers, pencils, and your artist getting tired. From top left:

  • Amy B asked for “summer witch vibes” and got this homage to Goths in Hot Weather (sold)
  • Jeff asked for Print Nightmare, which is apparently a real Windows exploit, because of course it is (sold)
  • Jeff ALSO asked for Roy Kent, which was honestly a fucking delight (sold)
  • Deandra asked for something from To Hive & To Hold, and I did a scribbly pencil sketch of Meadowsweet snoozing on Arthur

ACEO sketch cards by Amy Crook

Day 2, switching media. Watercolor! From the top left:

  • Bucky with tats, gift art for a Halloween thing (which is why this post is locked)
  • a mixed media abstract that i started yesterday and finished today
  • magic wands for Eric (sold)
  • fishy!

ACEO sketch cards by Amy Crook

A trio of trees and a very special birb against the moon. Who’s that Pokémon?

ACEO sketch cards by Amy Crook

Last ones! From the top left:

  • blobcat for the end, because two others are drying overnight for finishing later
  • purple abstract, because I can
  • Eric asked for “salt” and got this almost-dry abstract in his favorite blue & gold
  • Fairytale Sky! Remember that series? Have another.

I took pics when I started each say… as you can see watercolor day is a lot more involved.

Batching them in fours and taking a lot of breaks really helped, and man could I tell I’d been doing my physical therapy. My neck was almost not mad about it at the end, and is basically healed other than the ongoing problems from my terrible art gremlin posture. I have managed to somehow loosen my right shoulder in its socket, however, so I’m back in PT starting this week. Yay? I also took a bunch of breaks on watercolor day to help Dan dye his hair blue, and we ran out of gloves so I had one very blue hand by the end, haha.

Thanks for coming along on the journey belatedly with me!

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Always Punch Nazis

Saturday, August 4th, 2018

Always Punch Nazis by Amy Crook, abstract art with metallic silver, red, and blue on black paper

Always Punch Nazis, 7″x5″ watercolor on Arches cover black paper

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally wormed its way into your artist’s brain, and this is the first abstract of 3 to honor the early movies.

Captain America throws his shield in beautiful arcs, dim lights shining off it as he attacks Nazis and their HYDRA offshoots alike. This painting is meant to represent the swoosh of the shield flying past — or into — someone’s face.

A blur of motion and just a hint of patriotic color.

Happy 100th Birthday, Captain Rogers! #AlwaysPunchNazis

Always Punch Nazis, detail, by Amy Crook

Always Punch Nazis, detail, by Amy Crook

Above, you can see up close the sparkling sense of violent motion in red, white, and blue. Below, you can see the painting in a frame, trying to contain the Captain’s determination.

Always Punch Nazis, framed art by Amy Crook

Always Punch Nazis, framed art by Amy Crook

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May Patreon Sketches

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

May 2017 Patreon patron sketches by Amy Crook

May 2017 Patreon patron sketches by Amy Crook

June is just around the corner and now’s a great time to become my patron on Patreon! Here’s last month’s sketches, all of which turned out to be bookmarks for various reasons.

Roxanne asked for “Winter Soldier” and I gave her a chibi cutie. Kim wanted “mist” so I experimented with my watercolors for this beautiful, mysterious tower. Eric asked for my cat Pod as Morgana from Persona, with a special nod to his bagel-thieving ways. And finally, Jeff asked for “giving in to temptation” and has been enjoying the new Twin Peaks, so he got the inevitable donut cartoon.

What would you like to see me draw?

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