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End of 2020 Patreon Sketches, part 2

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

Another big batch of sketches done, getting us caught up through October, with one little January request sneaking in because reasons. Corvid reasons.

Lenin & Carmilla down the left side for Dr. Tags, and then on the right we have Persevere for Rey, “Mandalorian feels” for Kim, and vampire bats for Amy B (most sold)

Espurr for Eric, crow in snow for Andria, the things in Jeff’s skull, Julius Ceasar and the Very Pointy Day for Dr. Tags, and Relax for Rey (most sold)

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Radiation Spill

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Radiation Spill by Amy Crook

Radiation Spill by Amy Crook

I couldn’t resist a punny title for this piece, after everything that went into making it. I was working away on doing the darker pen-and-ink shading in the background of the tea circle with a quill dip-pen and bottle of ink when I smacked the bottle and dumped it onto the drawing, the table, and a bit on myself. Fortunately I salvaged all three — the tablecloth kept it off the carpet, my pyjamas are none the worse for being a bit inky, and the piece, as you can see, took on a different quality afterward.

I put some salt crystals in the ink pool just to see what happened, and then once it was all dry I finished with the parallel lines radiating out from the salt-encrusted portions of the tea circle. Then, I got a metallic gold colored pencil to put in radial lines coming out from the lighter pool of tea, half-erasing them to give a subtle, distressed feel. One of the things I really like about the quill-and-ink section is that the metal nib actually scratches into the paper, so you can still see the texture of the lines even in the big pool of ink.

I think the final effect is of something rising up over hills, the sun half-under a cloud perhaps, or some alien moon somewhere.

Radiation Spill, 5″x7″ mixed media on watercolor paper, $129 with free shipping.

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Fish Man

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Fish Man by Amy Crook

Fish Man by Amy Crook

This piece was entirely inspired by reading Koldo Barosso’s wonderful blog posts on the process of creating an album cover. The flying fish with a man’s face stuck with me, and the image of this man stuck in my head until I got up late one night and drew him, coloring his scales on a couple of subsequent late nights, using some old colored pencils. Something about the shape of his nose, the angle of elbow and arm and hand against his fishy body called out to be brought to life, and I just couldn’t not draw him, once his image popped into my mind.

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