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July 2023 Patreon Sketches

Monday, March 4th, 2024

More sketches, more Pokemon. My patrons know what they like, I guess?

Sketch card time! Y’all gave me ALL the prompts for next month, but this time there were only 5. SaraBeth, I haven’t forgotten you, keep your eyes out for a whole set of ghosts in cute costumes next week!

I also went and made wee travel palettes of basically all my watercolors, and then had fun using them for this.

  • Amy B asked for “melt” and gets word art entirely from the warm colors palette (sold)
  • Eric asked for a Pokemon and got the first thing that I saw when I opened GO, so blame them, but also enjoy this in its 3 shades of blue (sold)
  • Jefferson asked for “iceberg hot tub” so here’s a polar bear enjoying a bath, also all in blue (sold)
  • Nick asked for some good luck and also 🧡 so here’s an only slightly menacing bit of word art from the greens palette, with bonus hearts from the warms when I pulled it out for Amy’s melty card

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May 2023 Patreon Sketches

Monday, February 26th, 2024

Another small batch of monthly sketches, for those Patreon supporters who dropped me a prompt!

Got ’em done under the wire! As you can see, the requests were full of kitties, which seems predictable given everything. XD

  • Amy B asked for a kitty monkey-climbing, and got this orange sketchy boy going up a shelf like it’s his job. (sold)
  • SaraBeth Ray asked for kitty heaven, and so we have this little abstract kitty-soul surrounded by many favorite things! (sold)
  • Eric wanted mermay but cats, and gets this mermeow in soothing green and blue. (sold)
  • Jefferson quoted a favorite in-joke, “Where’s my melon scoop!” which is a line from Tony Shalhoub in Stark Raving Mad. I had to do some googling to recreate that terrible 90s facial hair. (sold)

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April 2023 Patreon Sketches

Friday, February 23rd, 2024

It’s about time I started using this website again, don’t you think? Please enjoy the next, like, month’s worth of posts, which are all Patreon sketch cards from the past year.

We have 5 cards for 4 requests, because I wasn’t sure the abstract peony was working out, so I did the other one just in case, and then they both worked out so, extra flowers!

  • Eric asked for bunnies and gets a bonus Buffy quote (sold)
  • Nick asked for a peony and got two (both sold)
  • Rey asked for patience, and gets this dramatic bit of word art (sold)
  • Amy B wanted a kinkajou (sold)

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March 2023 Patreon sketches

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023

It’s spring here, and mostly that means sinus headaches, whee. I had fun with these Patreon supporter sketches, though, especially the addition to my 100 Cats series. Which is almost done! I hope you’re having a lovely May, and aren’t actually a cylon.

4 sketch cards by Amy Crook

March 2023 ACEO sketches by Amy Crook

  • Amy B asked for a monkey, and gets this napping weirdo. (sold)
  • Jefferson asked for a cylon, and gets the true leader of them. Cats, after all, do things by no one’s command. (sold)
  • Rey prompted “frak you, pay me!” and got a slightly abstract being of pure fiery righteousness, shaking their fist at the powers above, finished work at their back. (sold)
  • Eric asked for Willow, and I couldn’t resist drawing Jade, because her hair is amazing, her freckles are amazing, and her grumpiness is amazing. I don’t know what happened here but I’d be grumpy, too, tbh. (sold)

And with this, we are caught up entirely! But don’t worry, there’s 100 Cats to start posting soon…

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February 2023 Patreon sketches

Thursday, April 27th, 2023

We’re catching up! Next week you’ll have freshly posted sketches, and then you’ll have to wait another month to get more. Of course, there’s still the #100cats project coming…

February 2023 ACEO sketches by Amy Crook

February 2023 ACEO sketches by Amy Crook

  • Jefferson asked for DunDraCon and I gave him this very inside joke. (sold)
  • Amy B asked for platypus and instead got Agent T, aka Tater the Catypus.
  • Eric asked for Formaldehyde, and got a beaker full of her. (sold)
  • And I just felt like painting a corvid again, it’s been so long!

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March 2022 Patreon Sketches

Monday, May 9th, 2022

There should be a Floating Gallery coming for you June 1, but for now please enjoy a nice big batch of sketch cards for my darling Patreon patrons! Some of them are for specific people, and then extras get sent to my Snow Leopards in with their other quarterly goodies.

March 2022 ACEO sketches by Amy Crook

There’s eight here, only two of which are spoken for! From top left:

  • Purple abstract! I dunno, I just like it.
  • Weird silly drippy experiment abstract, which I also like now that I’ve plaid-ified the gold and turquoise a bit.
  • Jeff asked for “writer’s block” and got this shiny, trippy bit of weirdness.
  • Eric asked for SPAAAAAACE! and his is also shiny, but he gets a TARDIS.
  • This cool sky I made got a city and some birbs to go with it.
  • I gave this little raven some more cowbell and untucked his face from his wing.
  • I also gave this abstract some more cowbell and now it’s reasonably unrecognizable and also has some Concentric vibes.
  • And this last one is full Concentric, with a bunch of bursts that kind of vanish and 3 that do not. Totally something that doesn’t work in a photo, sorry.

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December 2021 Patreon Sketches

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

And December! Which were done in January and just… not posted in a timely manner here. Sorry, guys! I’m a work in progress. XD

  • teacup asked for “ghosts of the mountain” and I had fun doing many tiny ghosts
  • Eric wanted Sailor Pluto so Mal had to cosplay for us
  • Rebecca S asked for a walrus and got this prim purple darling

If you want sketches of your own, or just to support your artist, you can find me on Patreon here:

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